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Marvel Cinematic Universe- Some Thoughts

I was thinking about how the Marvel Cinematic Universe has the Hydra was part of Shield, revealed in Winter Soldier

For me, this was a cool twist. It also fixed one of the problems of the previous movies. For example, in The Avengers, why did Shield not want the Avengers team put together. And even when they did, why did they go for nuking New York.

I mean, it still made a couple of problems. But thinking about how there first (not last) resort was to nuke all their heroes as soon as they were together foreshadows that maybe they aren’t that good.


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Infinity War: Will Thanos be a ‘Good’ Villain

I am looking forward to the Avengers: Infinity War movie. I loved the Infinity events in marvel comics, reading over them so many times (Gauntlet, War, and Crusade). I was a big fan of Thanos and his evolution throughout the series, Warlock, and the level of threat where even people like Thor were just used as distractions.

I am particularly looking forward to seeing Thanos and is crew on the big screen. However, based on recent Disney and Marvel movies as well as the latest trailer, I am concerned. Quite simply, will Thanos be a threatening and deep villain, or will he just be the leader of a bunch of mooks?

I will put this perfectly clear. Thanos looks like he was struggling to overpower Captain America. However, the difference in their power is so cosmically vast that nothing Captain America would do physically should slow Thanos. Similarly, it looks like he has an army of faceless, non-threatening mooks that will die by the droves to Falcon and his guns, amongst other things.

This is similar to all the other Disney movies recently. Stormtroopers and Kylo are consistently failing at everything to make the heroes look good, Hela’s dead army was killed by the droves, Ultron’s army of Iron-Men dying to single arrows, etc. We are told that these enemies are threatening and powerful, but we are just shown them dying by the droves and failing even with the advantage.

So I hope Thanos is good. I hope his space-faring army isn’t a pushover. I hope he gets a few big wins besides just beating down Iron Man (as per the Teaser). I am concerned he will be easily outsmarted (which is just wrong, based on the comics) and overpowered by (OMG!) a combined attack. I hope I am wrong.

But the recent Disney track record has me thinking I am going to be disappointed.

The long review embargo (similar to DC) also does not inspire confidence in the movie.

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The Winter Soldier- Things I Would Like To See More Of

 I really enjoyed Captain America: The Winter Soldier. However, there were a few things that I felt they could’ve done a bit more with (some spoiler follow).

1. PTSD and Falcon/Black Widow- This was a theme brought up a couple of times, but then it felt like it was forgotten about. It would have been interesting to see Black Widow dealing with facing super-humans/aliens or Falcon’s PTSD a bit more. Instead it felt like one or two scenes and then it fell by the wayside.

2. The Winter Soldier- For most of the movie, he felt like a super-powered thug. And once it was revealed that he was Steve’s best childhood friend, not much was done with it. The only impact this revelation seemed to have is for a dramatic ending of Steve showing mercy and then nearly dying from it.

3. Captain America’s Evolution to a Spy- Captain America had to evolve to a new style of warfare, from straight-up war to a much more covert style. Although this was shown during the Avengers a bit, I would have liked to see a bit more of Captain coming to terms with this much less-direct style of warfare.

As I said, I really enjoyed Captain America and, much more than Thor or Iron-Man, I predict it will end up as one of my favourite movies of the year. It did pack allot of different themes into its runtime, so it was understandable that some themes were dropped. However, they still feel like missed opportunities a bit.