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40 Days On- Moving

 So today marks the 40 day mark of the day that I moved away for my new job. It is when I up and left my old life, friends, colleagues, socialising, family and routines behind and went away for work. So I guess it is time to evaluate how it has been going, then.

 First up is the reason I moved over here to begin with: the work. The work has been re-invigorating. Working in a new area has really sparked my passion for work again and I am spending less and less time procrastinating during work and am trying to get more involved. At the moment every project is a challenge and I am working with a great group of people. It is still a bit of a struggle coming to terms with being a senior at the company, but at least I am not afraid to admit when I don’t know something. But in all, it is going good.

 What is not going so good in the social life. Without a defined city-centre and a lack of transport, I am finding it hard to find things to do. There is still stuff out there, but I am more used to having a car/bike available to travel around wherever I want. I am finding allot of things that I want to check out or do I can’t due to transport demands or a lack of people to go with. Add to that being busy settling into work, moving into a new place after 3 weeks and it being very cold, the social life isn’t going so well.

 The social life should improve soon, however, as I get back into my routines. With the fresh start I am planning to start things I have always wanted to do but have clashed with my previous commitments. This includes more volunteering more, learning to dance and learning an instrument. Add to this that I have signed up to an MMA class and I am sure I will soon start meeting people. Of course, the hard part being a young adult is translating these meetings into lasting friendships. When you are younger/older it seems to be a bit easier as people tend not to care as much. Several good things happen close to where I live and work, but unfortunately I do have to do these things alone.

 Being alone definitely highlights how much I miss friends and family. It also highlights how much I used to take them for granted. It is hard to believe now that I used to avoid catching up with friends and family because I was concerned I was seeing them too much. Now, I realise how stupid I was being. The whole of life works on a ticking clock- every breath is one breath closer to when you will leave each other, either via life circumstances or death. Unfortunately, it took this clock running out for me to come to fully accept that.

 So, in all, it is about a 50/50 as to whether this move has been good or bad. I only know that I would’ve regretted not taking this risk more than taking it, and the only thing that would have stopped me was fear. Whether the move was a winner or a loser, it certainly has been an experience.



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So this should be an interesting 10 days coming up. Over the course of the next 10 days, I have to pack my life away and sort out allot of loose ends as I prepare myself to move countries for a new job. Life does have a habit of throwing these curveballs out just when you think everything is sorted. For me, sorted involved having the job of my dreams, everyone I cared about being in good health, getting the girl of my dreams and moving to somewhere I felt like I belonged (while still being an hours drive from all my existing friends and family). As dreams go it was pretty good.

But pretty good wasn’t destined to last even if I forgot that all things end. Here, the end involved poor health, too many hours in hospitals, losing the girl and losing the job. I am still fortunate in my life and am still pretty well off despite what I have lost. However, the sense of belonging is once again gone as I am just reminded of how I managed to lose all these things. So now I am off, relocating overseas to see whether another fresh start can make me feel like I belong again.

I begin my new job in 10 days time. In that 10 days, there are allot of loose ends and people I will let down be necessity as I relocate. Tomorrow I will start packing and seeing how much of my life I actually need to start again. I have live a fortunate life and will continue to do so, and I am grateful that I have the opportunity to relocate and continue the hunt for somewhere I belong. Because in the words of Fight Club, this is our lives and they are over one moment at a time.