"You're not drunk if you can lie on the floor without holding on." – Dean Martin

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Music Additions to Playlist: 20th November 2018

Overall a weaker bunch of songs. I don’t actually see too many of these lasting on my playlist 6 months from now.

ROSES by OUTKAST: A resurgence of a song that kind-of comes in and drops off my list every so often. The high-energy, nearly manic song is juxtaposed by quite sober lyrics.

BETTER NOW by POST MALONE: More of a chilled out song. The lyrics don’t actually seem very chilled, but the beat just feels very slow and deliberate.

RISE by JONAS BLUE, JACK & JACK: This is just an upbeat song about being young and rebellious and happy. I like how it seems to build to a chorus and throughout the song.

GIRLS LIKE YOU by MAROON 5: Maroon 5 make another Maroon 5 song. A catchy beat and lyrics that don’t really make much sense together. I don’t think this will be on my list for long.

YOUNGBLOOD by 5 SECONDS OF SUMMER: A very inconsistent song. I’m not quite sure what it is actually about but the constant shifting of genres and the dead-man walking part make it catchy for me.


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Music Additions to Playlist (15th October 2018)

So here are the five latest songs that are added to the playlist.

SUPERCUT by LORDE: A love song. But not quite the average love song, as this takes the rose-tinted glasses view and literally crafts the song about it. The supercut is how they just remember the good stuff.

CLOSER by SIX60: Another song that uses word repetition in order to start. Once again, a song about a night out but it has a strong rhythm that makes the song work. It feels like the song keeps building but the closest thing to a traditional chorus is just the word “closer”.

IF YOU EVER WANT TO BE IN LOVE by JAMES BAY: I’m not sure what to make of this song. The music is very upbeat. The lyrics and vocals are more downcast. Regardless, it forms an intriguing mix at the moment.

WOKE UP LATE by DRAX PROJECT: Just a nice song that tells a story about how things are easy during a night out then when the lights come on (the next day). Nice melody and beat run through the song that builds and cuts off at the right moments.

NO TEARS LEFT TO CRY by ARIANA GRANDE: So Ariana Grande is trying to do a more diva-style song in the like Mariah Carey or similar, but seems to shy away from doing the whole song like this as they make it more a dance number. It stands out for the chorus because no other songs currently are trying to do this, but I feel that this wouldn’t have stood out if there were other diva-style songs available.

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So here are the latest songs that I have added to the playlist.

CAPSIZE by FRENSHIP and EMILY WARREN: I just really like the chorus to this song.  The repetition in the song makes the song really stick in the head.

LET ME GO by HAILEE STEINFELD and FLORIDA GEORGIA: I like the back and forth from the male and female singers. A bit of a generic song about how they hope that they found someone better. But the back and forth makes it feel like more of a story.

NEVER BE THE SAME by CAMILA CABELLO: A slower song with a nice hook with some weird lyrics. It is like they had the primary goal of rhyming something even if they had to mispronounce something. However, it kind-of works. No real prizes for the lyrics but it does have a nice pace.

FOR YOU by LIAM PAYNE and RITA ORA: I like the lyrics and a more old-fashioned love song. Once again having two parts makes it feel like more of a story. In some ways, this is the song that has the shortest shelf life as it feels a bit over-produced to get any sort of sincerity across, with the lyrics constantly competing with what should be softer background music.

WAIT by MAROON 5 and A BOOGIE WIT A HOODIE: Just a catchy Maroon 5 song. I don’t even know what this is about. Definitely over-produced like For You, but here is actually fits. This is because the subject matter isn’t mean to be a big love song but it is simply someone trying to get a girl to hear him out over some mistake at a party or something. It sounds deeper than it actually comes out.

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All the Stars by Kendrick Lamar with SZA: I am always a sucker for rap verses and vocal chorus’. It has a pretty nice beat going through it. I really like the croaked out hook before the chorus and the lyrics in that part.

The Middle by Zedd and Maren Morris: A simple song about people just compromising after an argument. I think the chorus sells it. If anything, it feels a bit overproduced, with one too many beat and background changes. But I like it, and feel like the through beat is nice.

Love Lies by Khalid and Normani: I find the back and forth on this track between the two singers quite interesting. I think having just one person sing it would make it infinitely less interesting.

Dirty Sexy Money by David Guetta, Afrojack, and Charli XCX: I’m sure I have forgotten a few of the artists on this simple track. It just a simple, upbeat track full of confidence. It has become a bit of a guilty favorite of me.

These Days by Rudimental, Macklemore and Jess Glynn: Another song with another hundred people contributing to it. I like the message, I like the chorus, and I like Macklemore. This song is a hit.

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So after a few quiet months I have updated my playlist with some new songs (and also got rid of some old songs to make room). So without further ado, here is my non-expert opinion on what caught me on each song:

Edge of the World by Miracle of Sound and Lisa Foiles: A nice song. I like the melody, although I have never played the new Tomb Raider games. Also a good theme that runs through it. I like how it ramps up in the chorus. Fairly by the numbers structure but that is okay.

IDGAF by Dua Lipa: A cool song with a cool beat that runs through the song. A better comeback song compared to the Kelly Clarkson Stronger song, and it seems to be quite popular. Also the lyrics are a bit meta.

Mo Money Mo Probelms by Notorious BIG: This song is a but funny. I really just like the chorus lyrics and the contrast to the rap with the more chorus-type singing throughout. However, I never knew the name of it and never heard it at a convenient place to look it up. I finally heard it and remembered enough of it to look it up and add it to my playlist.

Youth by Troye Sivan: I’m not sure why this song has caught me. Maybe it is because I am getting older and like the general message. Maybe because the weird sounding instruments that it is based on are a change from the rest of the songs. I know I don’t like the lyrics too much so it probably won’t stay in too long.

Mr Jones by Counting Crowes: An old song but a good song that I just felt like listening to. I like the mini-story that this song tells through-out. Otherwise just a classic pop-rock pub song.

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Here are some recent songs that I have added onto my playlist:

All of the Lights (Kayne West)- I generally like duets and I like the powerful beat on this one. I also love the part where he just starts listing off different types of lights, although it has nothing to do with anything.

Green Light (Lorde)- I remember this song being everywhere and I really liked it. THen I kind-of forgot about it. Now it is definitely on my list and benefits greatly from the hiatus.

Whatever it Takes (Imagine Dragons)- They added some rap verses to there main songs. Although the lyrics are a bit preachy, it still is a song that hits the right notes for me.

Dusk Til Dawn (Zayn and Sia)- Sia adds just enough flavor to Zayn to make it feel much better than his normal songs. Otherwise this feels like just another love song, except when it jumps between genres (pop-opera, soprano, etc.) in the chorus’.

I Want You Back (Jackson 5)- An oldie but a goodie. I think this is the only song of the Jackson 5 that I like. A catchy tune with some good vocals means this comes back onto my list.

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So I figured I would write about some of the new music on my playlist:

FEELS by CALVIN HARRIS, PHARRELL WILLIAMS, KATY PERY AND BIG SEAN: If you get over the fact that they keep trying to push that this is a Swift/Harris/Perry revenge song, this is another hit by Pharrell. It just seems to move from bridges to chorus and lyrics pretty good, and Big Sean has some good lines.

ATTENTION by CHARLIE PUTH: After his creepy and stupid One-Call-Away, Charlie writes a song that kind-of embraces his inner nice-guy/creep. He is singing about a creepy stalker-type woman and how she finally got him. But it really should be about him (and that is how I like to imagine it).

@SS BACK HOME by GYM CLASS HEROES feat. NEON HITCH: A song that only works because it decides to start with a chorus and some vocal sound effects to make up the hook. The contrast about people who love each-other and now want to be back together after growing apart. It is great that it is a male/female dynamic between the chorus and lyrics. It tends to lose steam by the second verse but it was a good ride by then.

DON’T LET ME BE YOURS by ZARA LARSON: A song talking about how she is bad for the guy. I first heard this playing Just Dance and that is how it was good. Blame was the same. Zara Larson seems to go from strength to strength with me.

RENEGADE by JAY-Z feat. EMINEM: Well, featuring Eminem might as well be Eminem featuring Jay-Z. Eminem definitely owns this one. I am glad I can skip it because it could’ve done with 30 seconds to a minute trimmed off it.