"You're not drunk if you can lie on the floor without holding on." – Dean Martin

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All the Stars by Kendrick Lamar with SZA: I am always a sucker for rap verses and vocal chorus’. It has a pretty nice beat going through it. I really like the croaked out hook before the chorus and the lyrics in that part.

The Middle by Zedd and Maren Morris: A simple song about people just compromising after an argument. I think the chorus sells it. If anything, it feels a bit overproduced, with one too many beat and background changes. But I like it, and feel like the through beat is nice.

Love Lies by Khalid and Normani: I find the back and forth on this track between the two singers quite interesting. I think having just one person sing it would make it infinitely less interesting.

Dirty Sexy Money by David Guetta, Afrojack, and Charli XCX: I’m sure I have forgotten a few of the artists on this simple track. It just a simple, upbeat track full of confidence. It has become a bit of a guilty favorite of me.

These Days by Rudimental, Macklemore and Jess Glynn: Another song with another hundred people contributing to it. I like the message, I like the chorus, and I like Macklemore. This song is a hit.


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So here is a summary of some of my new additions to my music collection:

THUNDER by IMAGINE DRAGONS: Just love that synthed out intro to the chorus and the big chorus compared to the talk-sing of the rest of the song. Quite a good back-up beat and never quite rests on its laurels to be boring.

HEAVY by LINKIN PARK feat KIARA: A good team-up. Although a bit different from most of Linkin Park’s songs, it is on my list. I don’t foresee it being a long-term thing as I think I will be bored of it soon.

DESPACITO by LUIS FONSI, JUSTIN BIEBER, ETC: I think I liked the music video and choreography before I liked the song. Seeing Bieber just acting like a kid-star and timed to the music is good. Really good song, although I think the original (without the video) is forgettable.

KISSING STRANGERS by DNCE and NICKI MINAJ: A song that doesn’t take itself too seriously. And a film clip that has allot of dog humour. DNCE have followed up Cake by the Ocean well.

SYMPHONY by CLEAN BANDIT and ZARA LARSON: Once again, I don’t think this will be long term as it feels like it tries a bit too hard to be grand while also not being quite grand enough for this effort. But Clean Bandit and Zara Larson are two of my favorite artists and I like the big chorus. It just could’ve been bigger and felt like it was trying a bit less….

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My music list has been updated with a few new songs. Not too many pure new songs have been added, with allot of retro hits being put back into the mix. It should be noted that I keep my playlist to 150 songs roughly, so every song added has to kick one off. However, I am more focused on the songs I like.

IMMIGRANT SONG (LED ZEPPELIN): Well, I imagine I am not the only one who is back in love with this song after the Thor: Ragnarok trailer. Good fun.

BELIEVER (IMAGINE DRAGONS): I watched the music video before I heard the song. I love the song. It is very soft rock.

SOMETHING JUST LIKE THIS (CHAINSMOKERS AND COLDPLAY): Although not as good as some other songs in the genre, I like how they sing the different sides of a relationship (i.e. one guy thinks he needs to be Superman while the girl just wants him to take a risk with her).

ALL TIME LOW (JOHN JONES): I am nearly sure this is a flash in the pan because of the electro-drop and the repetitive chorus. It is of note I like the clean version (or PG version) as I feel keeping it more to non-dirty things actually helps the song theme.

BE THE ONE (DUA LIPA): Well, a more upbeat song. Very catchy and fast paced. Once again, I am not sure if this will last the distance or not.

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New Songs in My Playlist

Here is a collection of some of the new songs that have made it into my playlist over the last couple of weeks:

1. Hello: Adelle’s latest song is a song I doubt I would’ve have liked from most other artists. However, this song has such a powerful contrast I can’t help but like it.

2. Downtown: Macklemore’s latest song reminds me of Thrift Shop. A good song, but reliant too much on a comedy gimmick. I like it, but I hope he follows up with another song akin to Can’t Hold Us Down which is a bit more timeless. The music video is great for this.

3. Cake by the Ocean: A song that has a nice build to a chorus. It seems to mesh several different type of pop-song together from the lyrics to the bridge to the chorus, but makes it work (barely, though). The first time I heard of DNCE though.

4. Sugar: A song I liked got remade (sort-of). I still like it and think the new version is distinct enough from the old version. Robin Schulz added a nice poppy beat to an otherwise forgettable song.

5. Lay It All On Me: Rudimental made Ed Sheeran sound nothing like Ed Sheeran. The result is quite a party beat for a love song that once again makes it much less boring.