"You're not drunk if you can lie on the floor without holding on." – Dean Martin

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Books and Messages

I am reading a book at the moment. The premise and the writing are good, but the authors constant efforts to get his views and beliefs into the story are very odd and break any immersion.

The book is an end-of-the-world book. This is okay. However, the author clearly had contempt for middle-class contentment. He also can’t decide about family (good or bad), so just goes to he extreme for each other.

This breaks the story continuously. The world has effectively ended, and people are still concerned about the weight they put on when they had children. At one stage, they are in a bunker and are taking about why they didn’t do a fun run.

I wish the author just stuck to what is important. As I said, the premise is interesting. It is just so hard to get immersed in these characters.


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Thoughts On Some Board Game Kickstarters

The following is a list of a few board game Kickstarters that I feel like talking about and my thoughts on them:

GLOOMHAVEN – BACKING: After the Dice Tower’s glowing review, I am kicking myself I missed the first Kickstarter. But the second, updated printing is coming and I have no shortage of games to play until then.

RISE TO NOBILITY – BACKING: I backed this at the deluxe level because of free shipping (actually making it cheaper then the tier below) and because it looks like a Stone Age/Castles of Burgundy hybrid. It also is from a proven publisher, and Cavern Tavern has good reviews from what I have gathered.

VILLAGE ATTACKS- CANCELLED: I jumped on the early bird pledge, but cancelled. I love the theme, but Endure the Stars was a broken mess where the designer didn’t bother with proper blind testing. That and it just kept trying to sell add-ons.

CITY OF KINGS- BACKED: This looks like Mage Knight but you have workers to go gather resources. I really like the art and the Rahdo run-through so am really looking forwards to this.

PETRICHOR- UNDECIDED: This looks pretty with a compelling theme. However, it also looks very take-that and the shipping is expensive. But I love Great Dinosaur Rush so may jump back in before the end.

BARBARIANS THE INVASION- WAIT FOR RETAIL: The Rondel looks cool, but I will wait for retail. Nothing in the Kickstarter looks like it will bother me not having it as retail, so I can probably pick it up cheaper. If the expansion map unlocks (which is KS exclusive), I may look into it a bit more.

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Cthulhu Realms is a game I really like. Similar to Star Realms, it feels a bit less swingy. However, one of the things that really bothers me about this is the artwork. The artwork is horrendous. Choosing to go with a satirical-cartoony style (compared to how Star Realms make space lobsters look serious.

Which is a shame. It comes with enough cards for four players (as well as rules) and decent scoring tracks. However, the bad artwork makes me shy away from this game. In my opinion, this was a really poor design choice for this game and takes me out of the game too much. Which is a same: this could have been a real winner.

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Reskinning Games: A Bad Thing?

Lately I have noticed a trend of being against applying a new skin or theme to an existing game. This is for board games and video games, but I personally never really saw a problem. I think it is actually a good idea, providing you don’t try to charge full retail price again.

It allows people to tell new stories or apply a new theme without going through the whole development process again. It also allows people to add some new minor rules to better reflect the new theme or to fix some problems from the original game and incorporate feedback. The new stories is probably more applicable for video games and the re-theming for board games.

These advantages let games skip a big part of the development cycle. It is also lets them explore new ideas with a more adventurous note than simply a second edition or HD re-mastering. That being said, I can definitely see how it can be an excuse for lazy design or a cash grab.