"You're not drunk if you can lie on the floor without holding on." – Dean Martin

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Kickstarter Retrospective: Assault on Doomrock and B-Sieged: Sons of the Abyss

So now onto two more games from my Kickstarter retrospective that were memorable for very different reasons.

ASSAULT ON DOOMROCK DOOMPOCALYPSE by BD GAMES: So this game is an interesting game. It is a tactical positioning game lacking a board. Instead, everything is abstracted into group with tokens representing what group you are in and your enemies. I find this game very interesting, although I haven’t played with the expansion as I find the rules confusing (unfortunately). This is a unique game that is very compact but packs allot more into the game than it first seems. It is a bit dusty now but I do want to get it out some more. The dice mitigation and teamwork is a bit lacking but a small houserule of being allowed to trade 1 dice with a friend in the same group solves this. Kept.

B-SIEGED: SONS OF THE ABYSS by CMON LIMITED: This is the first big box game that I backed that got delivered. I played it three times only. From a rulebook missing a critical rule to a game pretty much being a luck-fest, this game was very disappointing. This and my one unimpressed play of a friends Unfair put me off CMon for awhile. Not only that, but when a couple of bad reviews for the game came out, I couldn’t even sell it as it was on deep discount everywhere. I ended up math trading it away for a DnD Adventure Game for a pretty big loss. Traded away.


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Music Additions to Playlist (15th October 2018)

So here are the five latest songs that are added to the playlist.

SUPERCUT by LORDE: A love song. But not quite the average love song, as this takes the rose-tinted glasses view and literally crafts the song about it. The supercut is how they just remember the good stuff.

CLOSER by SIX60: Another song that uses word repetition in order to start. Once again, a song about a night out but it has a strong rhythm that makes the song work. It feels like the song keeps building but the closest thing to a traditional chorus is just the word “closer”.

IF YOU EVER WANT TO BE IN LOVE by JAMES BAY: I’m not sure what to make of this song. The music is very upbeat. The lyrics and vocals are more downcast. Regardless, it forms an intriguing mix at the moment.

WOKE UP LATE by DRAX PROJECT: Just a nice song that tells a story about how things are easy during a night out then when the lights come on (the next day). Nice melody and beat run through the song that builds and cuts off at the right moments.

NO TEARS LEFT TO CRY by ARIANA GRANDE: So Ariana Grande is trying to do a more diva-style song in the like Mariah Carey or similar, but seems to shy away from doing the whole song like this as they make it more a dance number. It stands out for the chorus because no other songs currently are trying to do this, but I feel that this wouldn’t have stood out if there were other diva-style songs available.

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New Board Games

So some new games consisting of sales and Kickstarters have come in that I am looking forward to playing.

Chronicles of Crime looks like a really cool mystery style game using VR and clues. I am currently going through Mythos Tales but this is next on the mystery list as I am not that interested in Detective.

Lets MakeĀ  A Bus Route I have already played and is pretty good. Steamrollers is another of the Write to Fill In games that look really cool. Lets Make a Bus Route is played on a shared baord while Steamrollers is a more complex roll-and-write. Both look cool and Bus Route is cool.

Spy Club is another legacy-style (but resettable) deck building game. It also looks really cool, with the solution changing as you are going through the campaign to solve a puzzle. It sounds like a unique idea.

And Dream Home is you are building a home. This one I got purely for the theme. It looks so cool, building a Barbie-house type structure. It looks like it will be very light and fun.
So that is 5 recent games that have come onto the shelves. I have also sold a few more than 5, but will probably detail them later.

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Webcomics I Read

So here are a list of my current favorite webcomics:

Daily Dilbert- I really enjoy the comic. It has been long-running and updates daily. His blog about politics and technology is also interesting (although the actual politics behind it is take-it-or-leave-it as long as you can separate an interesting read from having to agree to everything).

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal- It also updates every day or two. Quite funny with different takes on things. Not every joke is a hit but there is funny alt-text and a red post-script joke button at the bottom.

Penny Arcade- A comic about gaming, mainly. Some of the comics are quite niche for whether you have followed the news stories or not, but it tends to be okay. I thought their earlier works were better.

Cyanide and Happiness- A dark webcomic with off-kilter humor. However, it is more main-stream dark humor so no danger of it going over people’s heads.

Awkward Zombie- Another gaming webcomic. They don’t update as much as the others (tending to be once or twice a week), but the comics are always funny. Once again, limited enjoyment if you don’t know anything about the games being parodied, though.