"You're not drunk if you can lie on the floor without holding on." – Dean Martin

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So I figured I would write about some of the new music on my playlist:

FEELS by CALVIN HARRIS, PHARRELL WILLIAMS, KATY PERY AND BIG SEAN: If you get over the fact that they keep trying to push that this is a Swift/Harris/Perry revenge song, this is another hit by Pharrell. It just seems to move from bridges to chorus and lyrics pretty good, and Big Sean has some good lines.

ATTENTION by CHARLIE PUTH: After his creepy and stupid One-Call-Away, Charlie writes a song that kind-of embraces his inner nice-guy/creep. He is singing about a creepy stalker-type woman and how she finally got him. But it really should be about him (and that is how I like to imagine it).

@SS BACK HOME by GYM CLASS HEROES feat. NEON HITCH: A song that only works because it decides to start with a chorus and some vocal sound effects to make up the hook. The contrast about people who love each-other and now want to be back together after growing apart. It is great that it is a male/female dynamic between the chorus and lyrics. It tends to lose steam by the second verse but it was a good ride by then.

DON’T LET ME BE YOURS by ZARA LARSON: A song talking about how she is bad for the guy. I first heard this playing Just Dance and that is how it was good. Blame was the same. Zara Larson seems to go from strength to strength with me.

RENEGADE by JAY-Z feat. EMINEM: Well, featuring Eminem might as well be Eminem featuring Jay-Z. Eminem definitely owns this one. I am glad I can skip it because it could’ve done with 30 seconds to a minute trimmed off it.


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So here is a summary of some of my new additions to my music collection:

THUNDER by IMAGINE DRAGONS: Just love that synthed out intro to the chorus and the big chorus compared to the talk-sing of the rest of the song. Quite a good back-up beat and never quite rests on its laurels to be boring.

HEAVY by LINKIN PARK feat KIARA: A good team-up. Although a bit different from most of Linkin Park’s songs, it is on my list. I don’t foresee it being a long-term thing as I think I will be bored of it soon.

DESPACITO by LUIS FONSI, JUSTIN BIEBER, ETC: I think I liked the music video and choreography before I liked the song. Seeing Bieber just acting like a kid-star and timed to the music is good. Really good song, although I think the original (without the video) is forgettable.

KISSING STRANGERS by DNCE and NICKI MINAJ: A song that doesn’t take itself too seriously. And a film clip that has allot of dog humour. DNCE have followed up Cake by the Ocean well.

SYMPHONY by CLEAN BANDIT and ZARA LARSON: Once again, I don’t think this will be long term as it feels like it tries a bit too hard to be grand while also not being quite grand enough for this effort. But Clean Bandit and Zara Larson are two of my favorite artists and I like the big chorus. It just could’ve been bigger and felt like it was trying a bit less….